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    • You may email: info@studio21tattoo.com for rough estimates and to send reference photos
    • Studio 21 Tattoo is not responsible for information sent directly to the artist, only that which is sent to the above email
    • You cannot book an appointment through email, you must call and leave a deposit
    • Many people get tattooed at the end of their trip so as not to interfere with planned activities
    • The healing process does not allow swimming, saunas, spas, tanning, etc.
    • Refer to aftercare instructions
    • Yes. Some areas are more sensitive than others, we recommend loose, comfortable clothing due to possible irritation
    • A fresh tattoo may feel more comfortable if covered with clothing
    • Yes, absolutely. Do not surprise your artist, additional drawing time and possible rescheduling may occur
    • Both locals and visitors, email photos of the existing tattoo and reference for subject matter that you wish to cover it up with
    • Your artists will advise you further
    • All cover ups result in a larger tattoo than you currently have, and not all tattoos can be covered up


    • Fingers, inner feet, anklebone areas and elbows tend to get rubbed by clothing, etc. and have a greater chance of wear and tear which can result in color fading
    • We can recommend an alternative area for you
    • If you have any concerns, talk with your artist
    • Each artist will give you one touch up for free, any additional art added may result in an extra charge
    • Deposits are for tattoo appointments/reservations only
    • All deposits are non-refundable
    • Deposits stay on file for one year in the event you have to reschedule (with 24 hour notice of course)
    • A deposit is required to be certain the client will show up for the appointment and cover preliminary drawing time
    • Artwork does not leave the studio, we do not email drawings before your appointment, you will have the opportunity to make changes with your artist when you arrive if necessary
    • If you have a complete change in artistic direction notify our studio right away before your appointment, otherwise your appointment may be rescheduled
    • If you do not wish to leave a deposit, and cannot commit, we take walk-ins on a first come, first served basis as our schedule allows
    • No. Although we can make suggestions, you need to have a general idea of what appeals to you, it is very difficult to know your personality and which creative direction you want to go with your tattoo
    • Look through books or online for reference material and bring with you to discuss ideas with your artist

    We add a surcharge of 3.00% on the transaction amount when paying with a credit card. We do not surcharge debit cards.



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